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leica announced.... - toni-a - 09-29-2016

a new collection of leather accessories....


When your brand name  is Leica, you can do whatever you want


leica announced.... - Klaus - 09-29-2016

Well, to be fair - they had their fair share of Photokina announcements around the SL - 4 new SL lenses.

leica announced.... - davidmanze - 10-01-2016

My Leica "Jock Strap' has never let me down!  Tongue

leica announced.... - Arthur Macmillan - 11-20-2016

One of Leica's more recent cameras omitted the red dot on the front.  Is it possible some users ares scared, or heaven forbid, self-conscious.  Personally, I don't think people in California would notice the red dot.  I can't remember seeing a Leica actually being used by someone.  Calfornia is Canikon country!  With a sprinkling of Pentax and Olympus.


And with still have the lunatic fringe with their film cameras!

leica announced.... - Rover - 11-22-2016

I've seen a Leica in the wild!... once. Smile