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New E-M1 Mark II - Brightcolours - 09-19-2016

18 FPS with AF. 60 FPS no AF. Larger battery. 20.4mp sensor, no AA-filter, higher read out and better DR. 4k, 237mbpsec.120fps EVF. 50MP images composed of 8 shots with moving sensor.

New E-M1 Mark II - Klaus - 09-19-2016

This is how the M5 death looks like ...


New E-M1 Mark II - Brightcolours - 09-19-2016

I wonder how the guy with gloves will operate that freeze proof miniature camera, though.

The camera is impressive, the live presentation was cringe worthy. They even showed a 3x2 DSLR image with a fox during the presentation, a bit odd.

New E-M1 Mark II - Klaus - 09-19-2016

It is big though.

New E-M1 Mark II - thxbb12 - 09-19-2016

18 FPS with AF is very impressive. Looks like they are going for the sports/wildlife crowd.

New E-M1 Mark II - Guest - 09-20-2016

Impressive specs. Paired with good lenses it may be a great out door / travel / sport kit

New E-M1 Mark II - borisbg - 09-20-2016

Did Oly initially said "in development", or I missed something?

New E-M1 Mark II - borisbg - 09-23-2016

Why MFT cameras don't offer ISO 100,64,25 instead of 200? If the signal is not amplified as much, wouldn't be better for image quality, (noise and DR)?

New E-M1 Mark II - thxbb12 - 09-23-2016

100% agreed. It's something that has been puzzling me.

It's also annoying because one can't shoot a fast lens wide-open bright light (except with ND filters which is annoying).

New E-M1 Mark II - toni-a - 09-23-2016

A sensor is not like film, it has one ISO speed the rest is by amplification of the signal.

All manufacturers chose baseline ISO at the most profitable range.

On my 5D ISO 50 is not better than ISO 100.

In the past many Nikon cameras didn't have less than ISO 200