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Visages Villages - new french movie
Yesterday I was in a movie, which was a lot about photography: "Visages Villages" from directors JR and Agnès Varda. Pretty special couple, pretty special documentary. And pictures of people around 8 ship containers high...

Agnès Varda et JR ont des points communs : passion et questionnement sur les images en général et plus précisément sur les lieux et les dispositifs pour les montrer, les partager, les exposer.

Agnès a choisi le cinéma. JR a choisi de créer des galeries de photographies en plein air. Quand Agnès et JR se sont rencontrés en 2015, ils ont aussitôt eu envie de travailler ensemble, tourner un film en France, loin des villes, en voyage avec le camion photographique (et magique) de JR. Hasard des rencontres ou projets préparés, ils sont allés vers les autres, les ont écoutés, photographiés et parfois affichés. Le film raconte aussi l’histoire de leur amitié qui a grandi au cours du tournage, entre surprises et taquineries, en se riant de leurs différences.

Agnès Varda and JR have common points: passion and questioning about images in general and more precisely about places and devices to show them, share them, expose them.

Agnes chose the cinema. JR has chosen to create outdoor photo galleries. When Agnès and JR met in 2015, they immediately felt like working together, shooting a film in France, far from the cities, travelling with JR's photographic (and magic) truck. By chance from the meetings or projects prepared, they went towards others, listened to them, photographed them and sometimes posted them. The film also tells the story of their friendship which grew during the shooting, between surprises and teasing, laughing at their differences.

Translated with

If you find the time (and the movie, I guess it will not come to all theatres...), it's a charming story.
In the film JoJu?

Sounds interesting and quite recent.......I'll keep an eye out for it!

I like the french films.......and learned french via...... Jean de Florette et Manon des Sources..(books and the films)..... et La vache et le prisionier etc
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I like movies and movie theatres. I want to support their existence, even in Netflix times.

But a movie about a photographer and a documentary filmmaker who knew Godard and Cartier-Bresson... did  you already watch the trailer?
It looks sympa to the camera camping car!
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+1 - a pretty charming and relaxed little movie. Printing big is fun!
These French movies are pretty movies. Now one can watch all HD movies, TV shows and series for free on Andorid and iOS devices using Cinema apk.

(05-29-2019, 05:15 AM)jereiniew Wrote: These French movies are pretty movies. Now one can watch all HD movies, TV shows and series for free on Andorid and iOS devices using Cinema apk.


Thank you for the share.
BTW. I learned french from watching these french films (many many times) ...... "Jean de Florrette" ( part 1) ....... and "Manon des Sources" (part 2) written by Marcel Pagnol

Superbly filmed with great settings, acting and music ..... two classics !!

......they are well worth watching if you get the chance ..... they are also subtitled .
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