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Next OL lens test report: Tamron SP 85mm f/1.8 Di VC USD
I have to admit (once again) that I love this lens. Absolutely razor sharp even on the high resolution sensor (of the Nikon Z9) now. The only apparent downside is the size, but I guess the dimensions are part of a reason why this lens performs so well.

Guess this would be the 3rd lens I'd keep forever, along with the 16-35 and the 100-400.
Odd that it was discontinued so shortly into its production run, so there would probably be only a few (comparatively) lenses remaining in circulation.
I bought this lens based on the good reviews I read about it.
Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the warnings about the focus shift.
In practice, f4 and f5.6 are unusable for portraits because of serious back focus.
Sorry to hear that. My experience was different, the lens never disappoints even though I've been using it at very different apertures (except maybe stopped way down...)

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