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Forums > Back > Is Nikon 1 AW1 still a good option ?
I am considering Nikon1 AW1 plus 11-27.5 as an underwater camera and first serious  camera for my  3 year old son  David-a who seems passionate about photography and who is rather sad after his IXUS camera got broken .
It's a used combo for less than 200 EUR
They say shockproof  but Would the camera/lens combo do well with a 3 year old or I am better getting something realy tough like fuji  XP series or olympus TG ?
The 1 AW1 was advertised as being both waterproof and rugged, so it should handle some rough treatment well... if it has been handled properly in the past. It's of course a little dated by now, but still a unique camera. And somewhat hard to find... I've occasionally been looking for one myself Wink

For a 3-year old, though, it might be a bit complex at first... but then, if he is really passionate about photography, maybe that's extactly the right next step then.

Compared to modern waterproof compacts, the amount of shots per battery might be lower (just a guess, though, I haven't checked really). And I would be a bit scared that he might accidently unlock the lens on the AW1 under water.

I suspect an older action cam may be better aligned with this.
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