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Should I get macbook air or stick to windows environment ?
Looking for a laptop with a good color display my choices are narrowed to few options and one of them is suprisingly macbook air
price gap isn't big and the offer looks good.
I am between macbook air and Lenovo yoga 7
both cover 100% sRGB and have good screen and ergonomics, but retina display is tempting 
Does MAC use ressources more effectively and thus both are equivalent perfomers or I am better with a PC for the same price since Lenovo Yoga 7 has a far faster CPU, more RAM, and more storgage.
Moving apple would be a total change of environment for me who have been using PC since the 90s and have been through  DOS, windows 3.1, windows 95. windows XP, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.....
I don't think that there's a relevant performance difference between the two.
If you want to do imaging, then 16GB RAM is a must though.

The effective performance depends on whether the application is running natively on Apple Silicon (GPU/NeuralEngine). DxO does, for instance.

I use both Windows and MacOS - and switching between the two during the day is a pain. ;-)
If I had no constraints, I'd be on MacOS (but I won't purchase an iPhone).

FWIW, there's a rumor that the Air 15" will be release in a couple of months.
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It's a tough question, Toni. I got rid of Windows in 2005 (apart some virtual machines in case a project requires me to deal with it) and I moved to MacOSX/macOS. Excellent o.s., but I'm not happy with Apple anyway: increasing prices and decreasing quality of hardware. Basically all my latest laptops had hardware problems within one/three years:
  • one had a famous issue with the discrete graphic card that caused it to hang; after a class action in USA Apple paid for the repair, but two repairs faulted after a few months, forcing me to buy another laptop before the programmed phase out (four years);
  • another had the screen coating "peeling off" with no apparent reason up to a point that it became unusable with a strong light at the back;
  • the current one had one of the four USB-C ports broken after less than one year (and I couldn't have it repaired in warranty because it happened a short time before the warranty period expiration AND we were in covid lockdown at the time, so I couldn't go to the repair shop).
In general with Apple I advice buying the warranty period extensions.

Also investigate about technical support (whose quality I suppose changes from country to country). In my case for every problem that requires investigation they can take up to two weeks to give you a feedback — which is way too long. Yes, I have a cloned laptop (the one with the faulty screen coating, which is fine for all the other things), so I wouldn't be unable to work, still it's crazy.


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FWIW, I had a dead screen on my old MB Pro 2017 - while still under an extended warranty.
They replaced the whole screen, the keyboard and the battery - all included in the warranty repair. Took about 3 days.
So yes, paying for the extended warranty may be a good idea for a high-priced Macbook.
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji

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