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Leica SL 601 "Hands On"

   Very few buttons on the exterior indicate they may well be a lot of menu digging to be done with this camera, recourse to the rear screen being the only way to change settings, unless they use the EVF in tandem.


  Still it's the most interesting camera out there at the moment!

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In my book, a lot of buttons is not an indicator for a great user experience. Like to add, a massive menu-tree also goes in the same category. And worst: loads of buttons and loads of menu topics.

The only concept I know which comes with a medium size menu (depending on what I know from Nikon, it' s'more a fast-food menu) and reduced buttons are the small Sigma Merills. Even my old Canon G11 has more options. Easier to understand and faster to setup is the Sigma approach for me. That's something I see in the Leica button layout: maybe no possibility to declare the speed and lock-on time of AF operation within the scenery "moonshine on water" program, I admit. But to my big surprise I still get some snaps out if it, even landscape without the camera's computer pretending to know how landscape should be shot.

I like that simplicity.

So, I join your choir of seeing the Leica SL as one of the most interesting cameras since quite a while. Attitude of manufacturer and price don't make it attractive to me. But as a concept it comes close to my idea of a perfect camera in 2015. No DSLR dinosaurs and no flimsy mirrorless miniature bodies.

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