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Forums > Back > Fujifilm lens roadmap 2015
Quote:In FF terms:

16mm f1.4 -> 24mm f2.1, nice!

35mm f2 -> 52mm ff3. I guess a cheap normal prime always will find its fans?

90mm f2 -> 135mm f3. Nice, a classic longer portrait lens. Still like my Nikkor-Q 135mm f3.5.

120mm f2.8 -> 180mm f4.2. Nice, a longer macro lens.

100-400mm -> 150-600mm. Odd for the current body styles from Fuji, as it will not handle/balance well at all?


All in all nice additions to the range, especially the 16mm, 90mm and 120mm.

I really think Fuji is rocking the boat in terms of lenses. Their lineup by far makes the most sense among all mirrorless manufacturers and APS-C DSLR systems.

I actually welcome the 35 f/2 lens. I like having the option to either have fast f/1.2 or f/1.4 glass or have slower alternatives that are very compact.

Awesome times ahead :-)

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