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film-era lenses on photozone
@Klaus: oops!  :ph34r:  Wink


@Markus: I'm glad you consider doing such tests some day, even though they seem not to generate a lot of clicks. I completely understand that other things come first and that you might not have the time to do them at all. Maybe I'll buy one or two of the above lenses and post sample images to "encourage" you  Big Grin


As to outperforming the 24-85mm VR: You may very well be right, but I don't think that the bar is set very high.. The designs of the lenses mentioned above may be older, but most are also less "ambitious", so there should be some room for better optical quality. The 24-85/2.8-4.0 on the other hand is a somewhat more ambitious design compared to the new one. 


@Rover: Because some people enjoy reading tests of "obscure stuff"? I never said it should have priority over newer products... 



Update: just found DxO's new review of Nikon's 24-85/3.5-4.5 lenses - seems like the old one is pretty much on par performance-wise. It lacks the VR, though.


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