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Ideas for newer camera for Zuiko four-thirds sports lens
<strong>Need newer Camera (from Olympus E-510) but not high cost E-5  for use with Zuiko four-third. Ideas?</strong>


I am looking for four-thirds or micro- four-third cameras

that will work well with

ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50-200mm F2.8-3.5. (Some

have noted that this great lens, created for Olypus four-thirds, loses some autofocus

speed quality on micro-four-thords. But my lens is NOT the version with SWD...

and therefore I do not know if the quality of autofocus lost of just that of losing

the SWD motorised quality which would not apply in my case.) I shoot a lot of

kids sports and cannot afford most other high-zoom lens options that compare

(bought this sued for $600)...and therefore my desire is to upgrade the camera

as the E-510 is older and limited....but not at the high price / limted gain of

the E-5. Are there options to use newer models that the E-510

that have viewfinder, shoot video, and have some general gains from the older Olympus

E-510 (i.e. better autofocus, ISO usable range, etc). In particular, will my ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50-200mm

F2.8-3.5 work (presumably with adapters) with any of the following and how


<strong>Olympus OM-D E-M5</strong>

Panasonic DMC-GH5 (would be my first choice in cost, video

quality, bigger size. sensor size)

<strong>Sony NEX 7</strong>


Any help and advice is REALY APPRECIATED.



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