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Ideas for newer camera for Zuiko four-thirds sports lens
Even if Olympus will release a new "four thirds compatible" camera this year, it is likely to be high-end and will probably cost more than a refurb E-5. And even if it is affordable, there are still even no real rumors about such a camera, just some speculation, so the waiting might be really long.


No such camera as "GH5", you either meant GH3 (since you mentioned video quality) or G5, but in any case you won't have any stabilization with a Panasonic body and that's a serious drawback for a 100-400 eq. zoom lens.


No MFT camera right now will give you fast autofocusing with your 50-200. Your best bet at the moment is an E-M5 with MMF-3: that's a weather-sealed combo with the best 43 sensor and the camera itself is not bad at all (close in price to a used/refurb E-5 though). If you need a "fast" (aperture-wise) yet affordable long telephoto zoom that can be attached to a small lightweight camera — don't bother with other small camera systems like NEX, they don't have anything like Olympus FT lenses (been there, tried that Smile ). The only similar package is a Pentax DSLR with Pentax 60-250, but Pentax lenses are at least twice as expensive, cameras are larger and the final images will look similar to E-M5 with 50-200. Pentax native standard zooms aren't as good as the ones from Olympus though, Oly 12-60 is pretty good and Pentax 16-50 is nothing special IMHO (yet again more expensive than 12-60, and a lot more expensive than 14-54). There are more (and better) ultrawides available for (M)FT as well..


While FT sensors aren't as good as APS-C ones in Pentax SLRs, it's hard to beat Olympus FT lenses in terms of quality/price ratio (used market), so in the end it depends on what you value in a camera system. If it's lenses and you also need a standard zoom and/or a wide angle zoom, then (M)FT is the way to go.


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