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Teleconverter + adapter from Laowa/Venus

Funny tidbits:

  • They act as if it is a revolutionary product like the Metabones Speedbooster series was. But it is just a TC. With a different mount on each end.
  • Also, they pretend it was possible due to the shorter flange distance. Hmmm, I wonder how my Soligor Teleconverter goes about shortening the flange distance of my Canon 6D.  :ph34r:
Nice to see this product, though. It will come in two flavors, Canon EF and Nikon F-mount. They call it "Ai" but that just means it won't support operating the aperture of G and the new "E" Nikkors. It is a 1.4x TC, so to make sense only the sharpest lenses need apply (why else use a 50mp MF camera?).

I do not see contacts for the shown Canon model, which would mean shooting wide open only?




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