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Found a new toy!
I think this microscope is aimed at industrial and low magnification biological uses..... as with 20X times eyepieces only 80X magnification can be obtained and mine are 10X ......40 times magnification.
Industrial uses are for micro circuitry where a clear 3D view is needed for the verification of solder joints and the like.
My interest is for small insect shots, tiny spiders and other nasties, the magnification is suited for such things.
Illumination will be an LED ring.

As for the maybe "ultrasound probe".....Nikon's association in the medical field is of course a worry!....

...God knows what and where and who that probe has been up......over the last twenty years?.....

It was of course with extreme caution and dexterity that I set about neutralizing any bacterial or viral inheritances that may have been passed on.....for the most part I feel my chemical attacks should appease all but the most paranoiac hypochondriacs! LOL!

Excuse my humour!
Dave's clichés

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