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Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8 F for Nikon announced
(08-22-2018, 03:20 AM)borisbg Wrote: Is this version of the 14mm AF upgrade or AF+bettet optics?

A new lens totally.

(08-22-2018, 03:58 AM)Klaus Wrote: - demosaicing of the bayer sensor
- micro-lenses
- higher CA interference towards higher megapixel count
- in camera RAW manipulation
- different RAW conversion

The usual suspects - you can do true cross-system comparisons neither here nor elsewhere where cameras are used for obtaining data.

-Both use the same bayer pattern. Can't explain the weird results in any way.
-Microlenses do no make the lens peak at f4 on one camera and at f8 (well into diffraction territory for the resolution) on the other camera, nor will they make f4 and f5.6 worse on the other camera.
-The sensors have pretty similar resolution, CA can't explain the weird differences.
-Canon does not manipulate RAW. Nikon is not really known for that either, and manipulation RAW to have the results be sub-par at f4 and f5.6 but better than possible at f8 makes little sense.
-Must be a very bad RAW converter if it produces such odd results on its own.

It is nonsense that you can't compare them, what you can't do is compare actual numbers but you of course can compare the trend. Here especially, and elsewhere.

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