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(01-29-2019, 08:30 PM)Skillividden Wrote: Talking about focus peaking and image magnification... well, the peaking DOES work together with magnification. And the DOF is not that shallow as the GF lenses are actually slower than many FF lenses. So the DOF is really not much different from the 35 mm FF.

I do not understand why someone claims that the absence of AA filter is a drawback. For me, it is not. And I do not think that this sharpness is "fake". Probably this is the quality of GF lenses that impressed me more than the sensor itself, but 1) I used top lenses on FF, including ones like Zeiss Otus 85/1.4. And 2) That's not only about resolution. Tonal grades and colors on the GFX seem to me much deeper than any Canon FF (including 5DSr) and Nikon D850.

The only problem - you really see the difference only when viewing the image without resize, in full resolution, either on screen or even better when printing photos.

From what I've seen, GFX lenses really are that good. I've never been really impressed by any of the Otus (Otii? What's the plural?) but what Fuji has done with the GFX lenses is really on another level. I've never seen many lenses that are so good in so many different areas. Most of them are tack sharp AND their rendering is quite beautiful at the same time. Two things that really don't go hand in hand.

But then the build quality is not that great and the 63/2.8 (The first lens I'd buy) has hilariously bad AF. What were they even thinking when they released that thing?

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