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camera storage future
(10-25-2018, 08:02 PM)toni-a Wrote: After CF cards were the standard. Pushed by smart phones SD cards replaced them except for some high end models.
SD cards are making big progess in speed and capacity, CF (CFast) is promising ridiculous speeds (8GB per second) and capacity.
XQD raised as a new competitor but some card manufacturers are dropping it, and some manufacturers are ignoring it leaving Sony and Nikon practically alone.
Recently we saw a Zeiss camera with built in SSD...

what do you think will prevail ???
my guess SD will be still dominating, XQD will follow fuji XD and other abandoned formats, CFast will remain the choice for high end

Hum. SD cards far pre-date smartphones, Toni. The 1st iPhone which kicked off the smartphone revolution was introduced mid 2007. It did not take any SD cards (no iPhone never has). My Canon EOS 450D used SD cards, and that model was released in march 2008. The 1st Android smartphone was introduced on october 2008 (HTC). Quite a rewite of history again, toni ;-)

On CFast (2.0) vs XQD.... XQD, being Sony basically, probably will go the way of every Sony "format": too expensive and dead. CFast will not win over XQD, simply because CFast is SATA and XQD is much more scalable with PCIe interface. So, technically XQD is much more future proof.
But what will "prevail"? Probably CFexpress.

So... CFast (2.0) will not continue in future. XQD will remain to be used by at least Sony and Nikon for a while still, and CFexpress will become the future default choice.

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