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EOS RP first impressions
Just got my hands over Canon EOS RP and played with it a little bit. 
Sensor side:  ISO 3200 photos are very clean, ISO 12800 seem usable, quite satisfied, took a few photos of my daughter and skin tones and colors look very accurate. 
Many complain of its dynamic range, I was happy with 7D2 dynamic range that was less than 12 f stops, so I won't be complaining here, I knew this before purchasing. 
The extension grip is a must the camera won't fit well in my hands without them note that I don't have big hands at the hospital I wear gloves size 7 (considered small) weird enough no place to store battery cover after removal inside  the grip, I left it in the camera box. 
Also note that taking out the SD card from the camera with the grip in place isn't very easy but that's not a big deal. 
Autofocus is fast and precise, eye AF is a joy to use however speed side 7D2 is way faster, but no face or eye detect so I prefer RP. 
In low light with flash use, with flash AF assist beam 7D2 ( and probably any SLR) wins very easily, but that's expected, setting RP to one shot autofocus improved things and RP can be perfectly used there. Will be testing this thoroughly this weekend.
So I am quite satisfied with my purchase, this camera is delivering what I wanted from it, I was hesitating about selling my 7D2 or keeping both, most likely I will be selling 7D2.
Will wait one week to decide, since I have four events in a row to shoot, (daughter birthday tomorrow, a local outdoor gathering at sunset on Friday, a photo session for babies Saturday, and 25th wedding anniversary for ten couples on Sunday where I will be taking family portraits and a remake of the 25 year old wedding photo)

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