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A (my) 8 euro contemporary-looking-to-modern-lenses 1988 lens.
Am I the one calling the shots now?
GFX/Hassy X1D, 6x4.5 and whichever else you see fit. Big Grin

Seriously, the lens looks interesting from the design standpoint, and I can totally see the allure of using old "junk" gear like this even when coupled with modern cameras. It's the same reason some people are enthusiastic about using adapted manual lenses, Lensbabies and whatnot. I feel that call sometimes, though I'm trying to avoid getting drawn into buying the gear that I might not be able to get rid of afterwards. Of course there's a thin line between "vintage" and outright bad gear, like the 75-300 zoom that Canon, in their infinite wisdom, chose to keep producing and marketing to unsuspecting casual APS-C shooters as a bundle that makes very little sense.

BTW I remember seeing (a few years back) a guy - apparently a tourist - with an 1DS Mark II and a vintage 35-70 Canon zoom, though probably not this one (most probably this: It made for a weird combo in my opinion but whatever floats his boat. Smile

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RE: A (my) 8 euro contemporary-looking-to-modern-lenses 1988 lens. - by Rover - 06-22-2019, 08:23 AM

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