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Three primes (wide - normal/APS-C) from Tamron with 1:2 capability
(10-23-2019, 03:15 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: 50mm gives the same horizontal FOV on landscape orientation as 35mm on portrait orientation. A compromise between the two is 43mm.

Within the so-called FF format, 43 mm is the diagonal √(24²+36²) = 43.2666 mm, therefore someone decided some day to call 43 mm lenses "normal lenses" as they are meant to be the as close as possible to a "natural human view". Which is broader than higher, so rectangular proportions appear closer to our human elliptical field of view habits.

With a doubtful eye on the question wether 7 mm difference in FL do matter, I think, no one ever evaluated a statistical examination like "what is your normal field of view" as I can't borrow your eyes to have a comparison between our most likely different fields.

It would never occur to me to call a normal lens as a lens which in portrait mode gives me the field of view of "the other" normal lens in landscape orientation. Feel free to do so, but in my cosmos is only a small room for (and a small number of pictures made with) "normal" lenses, I find them more dull than useful.

Anyway, all three together cost just as much as a better nifty fifty, so each Sony shooter can take out of it the most normal lens. Or just enjoy the wide angle with 1:2 scale.

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