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Canon intrducing 10-bit HEIF files in 1Dxiii
(10-24-2019, 06:33 AM)toni-a Wrote: The annoucement is there on Dpreview
Canon 1Dxiii will shoot HEIF files, while this format doesn't have the popularity of JPG nor the full color data like RAW, it seems in the middle of nowhere...

Again missing the point in a post, Toni...

On current cameras you have JPEG (which do not need RAW conversion) for when you do not want or can't bother with RAW conversion crap. Not that uncommon for certain types of professional photographers. Common issues with JPEG are compression artifacts and the 8 bit per channel limitation. HEIF is about half the size as JPEG for the same or better IQ, and then offering upto 16 bits per channel (the 10 bits per channel is what cameras provide).

So, HEIF is an improved format for the really ageing JPEG format. It offers smaller files with better quality. And HEIF can even replace the even more ancient (animated) GIF.

So, obviously it has very clear advantages over JPEG. And of course, when needed one can easily convert HEIF to other bitmap formats. Including the ancient JPEG.

It is NOT meant as a RAW alternative, and certainly is not "in the middle of nowhere..."

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