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Fujifilm X-T4 announcement on Feb 26th
Come on, Rover. A "gamechanger"? If it's only IBIS, this doesn't change that much - Fuji has some OIS lenses plus X-H1, so the anti-wobble-gobble was already available.

When I use a Z body, I don't feel the game has changed much compared to the non-IBIS D850, but in terms of transport and AF accuracy, the whole shabangg of mirrorless - that is a change. But Fuji only has mirrorless and they have a capable IBIS body already. So wether it has or has no IBIS, it's only one of their evolutions which lowers the prices of the current bodies.

If it's coming with a fully articulated screen we're talking again. If it's coming with two banks for user settings, we're talking. If it's coming with an Arca Swiss bottom plate, we're talking.

But for a "gamechanger" I definitely want to see a bit more than only an evolution.

EDIT: On Fujirumors there's already IBIS and fully articulated screen as given specs. So, let's see, if that rumors become realmors.

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