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Defective XF 14mm f/2.8 or defective user ?
(07-01-2020, 01:03 AM)Hapo Wrote: ...I bought a used lens from Adorama just over 30 day ago and was having a fine time with it until I tried to shoot a cloud scape  today...

...I could not get the lens to focus on the does not seem able to focus to infinity...

...even when I tried manual focus it keeps hunting and will not focus...

...other, closer subjects seem to be fine...

...I wish I had tried infinity before...I have been shooting in the woods mostly...

XF 14mmF2.8 has a focus clutch mechanism, meaning that moving the af ring back and forth engages/disengages the MF capability. I think it is some of few Fujinon lenses with mechanical, rather than focus-by-wire mechanism. Because of that, changing the mode from camera may not give you proper AF.

Try moving the clutch and see if you can achieve focus with MF, and then - AF.

I have this issue all the time when the lens get in MF in my bag and then my pics are all OOF.
You just can't have too many lenses...

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