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For Dave R5 autofocus for birds in flight
Suddenly, overheating became the main issue of cameras while it has been there for a long time and nobody cared.... first it was megapixel race, nobody talked about dynamic range, then suddenly dynamic range became the main issue, now overheating at video resolutions very few need is the main trend....
We are discussing birds autofocus and animal eye autofocus, then overheating pops...
And still my main issue with mirrorless autofocus hasn't been assessed, locking on the subject is it as fast as in modern DSLRs ? locking on the subject not tracking after autofocus has bitten on the subject .
In a football match autofocus has locked on a player, mirrorless tracking will track him perfectly and all shots will be in sharp focus no doubt about that, however you need to switch to another player, will mirrorless autofocus locked instantly on the new player and start tracking as fast as a modern DSLR or I would lose a precious fraction of a second before it starts tracking ??

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