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Got the Tamron 20mm ƒ/2.8 Di III RXD 1:2
I had my first trip with the new lens. I was lucky enough to find some spots with autumn flowers (crocus etc...). I just had the time to have a quick look to the shots, nothing more at the moment. Probably I won't be able to do post-processing before the weekend. Preliminary impressions (just impressions):

+ Auto-focus: this was my most important point, because all my current macro lenses are manual + helicoid (or the 70-200 plus Marumi additional lens, but auto-focus is not effective in this combination) and I wanted to complement them with an auto lens hoping that it might help when I'm in a hurry and without tripod or beanbag. It seems it works fine, even when you want it to be really selective (e.g. single parts of a flower).
+ Manual focus seems ok (I didn't see the "discontinuity" problems that some reviews described), but I need more testing.
+ The well-known distortion really requires you to compose with some extra room because of the parts that will be pushed out-of-frame after correction.
+ Bokeh is good, but it's not as creamy as in my other combos, I mean, it needs some good separation from the background - I expected this given the wide focal. You must learn how to compose with it. It should be easy for things such as flowers in the meadow and a very low point of view, but I didn't find this kind of subject for now.
+ It *seems* not as sharp as I expected for landscapes, but I need to look deeper into this. Anyway landscapes are not its primary job, clearly.


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