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A trend? Something that's will be paired down to a few legit sources over time? Will it mostly go away? Or are the channels going to be saturated with lots of crap and that will be the norm? What are your thoughts? 

Myself, I don't get it. It's a bunch of nonsense that gets in the way of me finding what I want to watch. Over time, it'll probably become just a handful of corporate entities (think Amazon started as an obscure small on-line place to buy books). 

For example, I want to watch a bike/f1/motogp race highlights, or read a camera review. You have to dig nowadays to find the legit sources. Like NBCSports which is licensed to use the race feed. 

Most of what you find are wannabe's and has-beens who hijack this same footage (though quite a bit of these vlogs disappears quickly due to copyright issues), mutes the sound, and talk their own nonsense over it. Or it's a guy opening his new camera box and talks about the specs (kind of), but doesn't review at all what he put in the title (How good is this new feature). Sometimes the content has nothing to do with the title at all, but you have to watch the ad to find out. I'm sure a lot of these folks are fraudulently making money doing this. 

In fact, when I read who posted it, you'll often see they posted several fraudulent posts at the same time (Stage 10 of the 2020 Giro d'Italia). Each which make you watch an ad before it starts..

It seems a lot of people are getting into this game. I even know some young folks trying it out - like becoming another travel vlogger. While there will be the lucky few, I think for most it will become a dead end street.

That's my vlog for the day. Ha!

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