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Canon RF 50mm f1.8 STM is going to be small.
(10-29-2020, 07:50 PM)thxbb12 Wrote: BrightcoloursIt will now have a 35mm f1.8 macro, 50mm f1.8, 85mm f2 macro, 24-105mm f4, 24-105mm f4-7.1, 24-240mm f4-6.3, 70-200mm f4, 600mm f11, 800mm f11 on the "affordable" side. An f4 UWA zoom will appear soon too, so things are improving on the "affordable" side.

It's getting better, although it wasn't very difficult given how much they started with crazy premium lenses.

Yes, one thing I'm struggling with the mirrorless systems are all the large, heavy, and super fast lenses. Then add commensurate pricing. 

Is the reason because photography, from an ILC POV, such a niche market it needs to "show-off" compared to cell phones? Or has supersizing beverages rubbed off on the photography world? LOL!

I would think a 24-120ish mm f3.5-5.6 that is good open and very good down a couple stops would be the bread and butter lens for manufacturers. Particularly with the ability of newer cameras to shoot at higher iso's with quality results.

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