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Nikkor Z 50 f1.2 S review at lenstip
Judging from the sample images, I appreciate the Nikkor more than the Sony. The Nikkor renders more pleasantly. So, that makes the Nikkor the better lens, bigger and heavier.

The reason why vignetting tests with the image sensor show heavy vignetting with the shorter flange distance and back element distance is for a big part due to light loss at microlens level on the sensor, the angle that the lens hits them makes for light loss towards edges/corners. So, it is possible that a lens might vignet less, but that that does not show in the tests due to limitations at sensor level.

In Canon world, Klaus also found heavy light loss with the image sensor "vignetting" test (see the Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM review). The review also shows light loss due to mechanical vignetting (see the cats eye test), so the design, with its large diameter back element, is not perfect either.

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