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Forums > Back > I rejoin the system 16 years later...
(11-14-2022, 12:45 PM)Rover Wrote: Guess I'll get a native lens (I have set my sights on the 24-120/4) sometime down the track, but only after I cover all the debts incurred by this purchase.

Well, I guess that means I should finally get my act together and publish some reviews for you to read Wink

Regarding the Tamron 70-300 VC: not sure if this is the reason, but the Nikon version of that lens does not work with the FTZ adapter due to firmware issues. The newer version of the lens, that was officially only sold in Japan (A030) does work, though. Same issue with most f/2.8 Tamron zooms: the G1 versions do not work (at least not reliably), the G2 versions do.

It's maybe a bit more complicated with the fringer adapter, though.


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