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Z8 is producing the goods!
(05-24-2023, 04:57 PM)Rover Wrote: I would've loved to have the second slot in my Z9 to be SD... as it is, it's got two cards that I have nowhere to put, as they require a new dedicated cardreader and are pretty expensive. In my 1D4, I've only ever used the SD slot whereas a CF card is plugged as backup (I shoot to two cards just in case), and the only thing I do to it most of the time is format it when the free capacity runs low. If Z9 had had one CFX slot and one SD, I imagine the CFX one would've been the same for me...

 I understand that buying new XQD/CF cards is annoying when you have perfectly good SD cards that you then can't use ..... I have a few SD cards, two are used in the D750 and one in the D500 (my other D500 has a broken SD card slot that needed a €450 repair) ....... maybe that's why Nikon decided to keep an SD card slot in the Z8, but if you use it, you pay for it in buffer depth ...... which may not be concern to many .....

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