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Forums > Back > Fell victim to scam...but it turned to become an excellent deal
Saw  Canon 35mmf1.4 listed at low price, I met seller and tried it: mount needs repair (replacement) as it gets stuck frequently and the focus plane is shifted with extreme  decentering.
Naturally I refused getting the lens, however seller sent  me a message: ready to sell for 500QAR (126 EUR) I accepted with one condition, being able to return within a week as I wanted to check with repairs.
However after delivering the seller vanished and didn't answer my calls and messages.
Desperate I took it to Lebanon to see if the technicians there can repair it.
And to my surprise it just had a dislocated element that needed to be put back in place, plus broken insertion base for the dislocated element that needed replacement. To my luck a smashed lens  in the workshop had the required parts and my lens was back in perfect optical functioning for 45 EUR.
Since I was traveling and spare part not readily available, I kept the damaged mount and added EF to RF adapter than will never be removed.

Finally for around 220 EUR, I got what I can call a custom RF 35mmf1.4 lens, in perfect condition  !!!

Since I have it, it's my most used lens !!

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Fell victim to scam...but it turned to become an excellent deal - by toni-a - 08-24-2023, 09:16 PM

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