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If you thought the $11K Noctilux 50/0.95 was expensive...
... then I have to regretfully inform you that Leica has hit a new high/low (depending on the viewpoint)... The brand spankin' new Noctilux-M 75mm F1.25 ASPH is set to retail for paltry $12795. ETA 1st half of 2018.
At least it isn't a ridiculous soft focus lens for half as much (though at that aperture, it's debatable if much can be in however sharp focus anyway), nor an equally ridiculous 28mm f/5.6 lens with an equally outrageous price.
P. S. Fun fact: with that amount of money, you can buy exactly eight copies of Canon's new lens with arguably similar stats and niche, the EF 85mm f/1.4 L IS USM. You'll even have three dollars remaining to buy a beer... is there a chance to get a bottle/can of beer for $3?
P. P. S. If you think I'm being snarky, that's true. I've been feeling like that today for some reason, and reading news about Leica is always bringing out some of my internal Jerkass Troll. Deal with it. Smile

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If you thought the $11K Noctilux 50/0.95 was expensive... - by Rover - 11-29-2017, 04:29 PM

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