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Nikon Z5?
is seems that Nikon is following the same way.

The questions are
1. What will be the final result when all setle. Lets say after 3-5 years
2. How deep is the bottom? - You know it when you reach it
They don't have a choice in the matter: both Sony and Canon currently have sub-$1.5k cameras, with Sony selling their remaining A7 and A7II cameras for $1k and less.

Frankly, I think we'll be moving to a cheap body/costly lens business model for the next few years... at least until the third party lens offering catches up. They're trying to go for as much market share as possible; it doesn't matter if you don't make much profit on the body: if you can make the consumer buy a lens or two, they will feel "invested" in your system and will be resistant to leaving it.
In this declining market there is appearing a baffling array of cameras and lenses being brought to market.......truly remarkable!

I guess maybe we will see another D850 + II DSLR.......will we see another D500 ...maybe not?

When and where will it end?..........never of course!
The D300 -> D500 took ages, if there is a market for a D500 follow up in a few years there will be a D500 follow up of course but it will be some time yet. And of course, Nikon blocked its "natural" naming convention progress (D600 is not possible), so wanna take bets on what that camera then will be named?

The current market is not that bad, just the peak of DSLRs has been so silly high compared to what the camera market ever was that the current decline makes it necessary to scale things back from that huge peak and the shareholder/stockmarket crap makes shrinking volumes/profit such a headache.
To be honest the D500 is the first camera that I am truly happy's so fast at everything.....

....even took a few shots with a friends Nikkor AF-S 500mm F5.6 PF.......what a great lens....VR is perfect in the VF with no jerkiness and blazing fast AF......unfortunately the air was still and full of heat haze, so I couldn't judge it's damned February? It's so small compact and light!

With Nikon's april FW package in the pipeline with AF updates ... everybody's eyes will be focused on that! (like the pun?) ..... so we will have Canon with two bodies (without IBIS) and Nikon with three (with it)
Sony is still at the cutting edge with the competition is obliged to up their game..which is what they are doing......

...I'll just sit back and watch.....
(03-05-2019, 07:28 PM)davidmanze Wrote:       I guess maybe we will see another D850 + II DSLR.......will we see another D500   ...maybe not?

Eh only high end followers,
Reading website and forums is one part of the story. Reality is different
I want to ask you question. Can you imagine how Nikon as camer manufacture without D5300 D7200 and D3400?
Here is one reference from biggest camera store in the Netherlands. No single FF dSLR in top 20
Same for canon without EF-M and EF-S cameras.
The new one will be named Z 1 and apparently use the same body design but with reduced controls:

Where will it end in five years? My crystal ball says, only good bodies doesn't cut it. Not as long as Canon throws out one interesting lens after the other or Sony lens designers shine stronger and stronger, while Nikon itself only repeats stone age marketing concepts, not being aware that Mammoths already extinct. Lets' ask the same question again when L-mount really increases it's pace.

Seeing what current Sony bodies and lenses are capable to AF, I'm considering any development of a new DSLRE as a waste of time, man-power and resources.
DSLRs have their space, even outside the "I prefer OVF" crowd. IR-flash AF assist ability, for one.
As if this is a daily need... that's a minority of wedding photogs with low sensitive AF modules in their DSLRs. The reasons for DSLRs get more desperate from day to day Big Grin

I mean, nothing against existing DSLRs - I have more of them than ML. Wait. No, counting all cameras without a mirror, DSLR are a minority here. And imagine, my roughly 12-15 year old Sony DSC828 works as well with IR LEDs as with laser patterns in low light situations, and I bet it's only CDAF...

Anyway, there are gazillions of DSLRs around these days, new or 2nd hand. What could a new model have to offer the older don't have? All I'm saying is, it's pointless to work on new bodies. See, Pentax already understood  Big Grin
The big sales come from cheap cameras not flagship ones, Canon is selling plenty of EOS M and APS-C SLRs, Nikon have no cheap mirorless bodies, and rely only on SLRs as cheap bodies, if customers are going away from SLR Nikon is in trouble unless they do something about it

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