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Canon EF 85mm f1.4 L IS USM sample gallery
What I see:


Not APO, sharp wide open, very nice bokeh rendering (both front- and background), awful Adobe lightroom colours (Adobe standard  profile, Canon EOS 5D mk IV.)

It's probably substantially sharper than the f/1.2.

Appears to be a nice rendering, sharp lens, but with heavy LoCA and even a hint of PF.


I would not mind having this lens, but with the price difference with the Tamron f1.8 I probably would go for the latter and skip on the f1.4-ness. 

About that... Any chance for the tests of Tamron's 45 and 85 lenses? Smile
 It's one of Tamron's more expensive FF lenses...........780 euros official.... 614 grey market.


 I'd like this's a winner with nice bokeh.

For those who can't wait / want to know about variance / want to see it compared to other 85s in terms of resolution, lensrentals ran some test rows


Nice lens, not as "sharp" as the Sigma Art but very close to it, a bit lighter and a lot bits more IS. Cool package.


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