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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 HSM DG "Art" ... on APS-C
Klaus, I'm sorry: Saying "not that hot" while the lens is performing better or equally to it's Nikkor counterpart at double the price leaves me head shaking  <_< Any idea, why one want a FF fast prime on a half size sensor?


Also, this soft corners blurb I read very often. Apparently mine must be from a different planet - when focused properly with live view, it's as good in it's corners as the Nikkor was in center, just with less CA (that goes for the Sigma). In any case, there's no optical reason to prefer the genuine 24/1.4 G against that Sigma. Can't tell for the Canon side, but the 24/1.4 L is also a little bit dated.


You didn't provide a single test shot wide open focused in the corner - so basically, what you're resuming are the chart results, including field curvature? Btw. you shot a couple of times at f/10.


Another head shake: Who in this world buys a 24/1.4 to use it with f/10? At your FF samples:

4 pictures @ f/10,

2 @ f/9,

1 @ f/5.6 and

2 @ f/1.4 where no corner was involved to focus - that's a bit a poor way to prove "corner weakness".


What you should consider is, with high MP everything beyond f/8 will suffer in sharpness. Therefore it's good to have a lens which is very sharp already at f/2.8.


But we can wait for the rumored "new reference" Otus 24/1.4 (which I believe will be 25/2 or something) and see what this beast is about to do at maybe 6× the price. Fast lenses are built to be used wide open - you're abusing them, didn't rate it or compare to the 24/1.4 L II


Honestly: Your test is "not hot" as well  Huh


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