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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 HSM DG "Art" ... on APS-C
I understand, from a tester's point of view the lens hast to be "punished" for the field curvature. However, my point is, I would not use a wide open wide angle to reproduce flat charts accurately. And if I want sharpness in the corner and take care at focussing, the lens is not that bad as long as I don't need an exactly flat plane.


Also, I really need LiveView anyway because those 51 AF points are also not a masterpiece in parallelism and accuracy to the sensor plane. Meaning: even if the best and most plane, well centered lens is in front of a Nikon, it would be coincidence if each sensor point would deliver the same AF value. I checked with FoCal pro a couple of lenses and didn't see a perfect test row. I know there has to be tolerances and I also know not to use pliers if I have a hammer available for putting a nail into a wall. Long sentence short: Under normal circumstances one needs LiveView to operate a focus at the outer borders/corners. This is not always possible and I don't see much real situations I want to have the sharpness so far off the center.


When reading a picture, we start top left and reading down to low right - if there's not something special which draws our interest to somewhere else. Most of the time there's a sort of sky to start with, and corner sharpness wide open would only be interesting for starfield photogs?


Edit (or addition)


There once was a rating tag called "field quality", at least in the test of the Nikkor 24/1.4G by Markus. It might be difficult to set the parameters for this tag, but I think based on my experience with some 3000 shots with it, I sign the same paper. And the Sigma would not be far off that rating, if at all. Maybe I'm expecting not "enough", I just see the Sigma as the only AF competing wide open wide angle and sold at a price I would have to tolerate some flaws - I just don't discover those flaws in my pictures. The improvements are also not easy to discover, but like Markus said in the verdict "...
and stopped down it's sharp enough even for landscape work, although it's certainly not meant to be the primary choice for this kind of application.
I just have to agree on that. I also agree it's not the hottest lens Sigma throws on the market. For owners of the Canon 24/1.4 L II there might be no reason to change ship. For me, there was. At no cost, because a 5 year old Nikkor 24/1.4 G still represents some value to "Nikon only" folks.


For others thinking about a fast lens it would be foolish not to take a glance at it.


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