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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 HSM DG "Art" ... on APS-C
Maybe I manage not to bring in Nikon again. :unsure:


As long as we have to use a mirror box between sensor and lens, there will be no 5★ rating in lenses shorter than 40 mm, very especially not in the wide-angle-on-APS-C section. If one wants maximum sharpness and fine colors, sacrificing nearly every other aspect, throw away the APS-C DSLR (no matter which one) and get at the price of a lens a DP0 merrill quattro, 14/4, equiv 21 mm.


The other question is, does a lens and body have to be excellent in each aspects although it's impossible?


Klaus, I did my scoping 5 years ago and had 5 happy years with great wide-angle shots delivered by the Nikon ( :o blah, but it's fact, even if I didn't manage not to bring that in again).


If one wants
  • wide open wide-angle
  • with AF
  • and sophisticated fine-tuning (good for close up situations)
  • and one you even can send in to change the mount to another brand,

the Sigma IS an altenative and interestingly not only for those who can't / want afford a genuine one. It's performing equally or better to one of the big players and I daresay the other big player will not shine much more with their version.


That aspect runs a bit short in your test.


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