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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 HSM DG "Art" ... on APS-C
Does it matter, als long as it's the same value for all focal lengths in that class? Plus, I am not lenscore, so I think your questions would be better placed by addressing them. I am also not interested how they come to their absolute values, I'm using them as an additional comparison to other lens test sites. Do you have other findings over at lens rental's?


OLAF also uses the same methodical setup for all lenses and your testing them at infinity focus? So, let me ask, what good is a portrait lens or even a long tele at infinity, if my typical use is much closer? I'm not saying this to blame lens rental's being wrong - all I say is, you always need to look not at the test condiitons in the first place but if those are the same for every test. If no, I don't care about the results anymore, If yes, I can look bit closer. So far their findings were not far off what I see in reality, at least the bits I can see.


I also know DxO is more testing the lens/sensor combination - is that so bad? If one is lucky, they just have results for a particular combination. If one is unlucky - and your own work during the last months is proof enough that might happen - they just got the one better copy out of a batch and I buy one decenterred  with other flaws.


DxO and lensorg both lack the weakness to test just one copy. Other weaknesses you'd spot if you have enough insights, I'm sure. I say, all of you lens testers only show a piece of my reality and all test results show a tendency more than an absolute truth - at least that's what Roger never gets tired to tell in each disclaimer. There are values of a lens which are not so easy to be tested: How good's the OS / BR / IS / VC? How fast is the AF and how reliable? what will happen with it's mechanics over the years, in more demanding conditions?How good will an excellent modern lens work with a dated body and vice versa? Literally you lens testers are sitting in a glass house  ^_^ Sometimes I admire your work but I never look envy at it. Your delivering the ammunition to debates like these here (that's why I am here, too), but test pictures hardly become photographical masterworks. And once published they remain in place, no matter what a manufacturer could change in a probably weak production process.


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