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Hi All,


Just recently I noticed the Canon 6D was priced 1579 euro in the Netherlands at most stores. But I thought the same camera was 1700 euro two weeks ago. Can it change that much in such a short period of time? Last year I even remember seeing the 6D priced at 1350 euro.


How come prices change so fast and so much? And is it possible to see a increase in price coming?


And another strange thing is that most camera stores tend to have the same prices. Is that because Canon and other brands demand it is sold for a certain price? I cannot see how else almost all stores have the same price for a wide range of products.



Kind regards,



The Euro dropped....


I have not seen the 6D being priced at 1350 last year. Certainly was not a general thing.
This has been the pricing of the 6D:
Just a gradual lowering of the price which is normal for a camera body. Note that the minimum price is from what whichever cheapest store said it was, no certainty about the reliability of that price or the store.
Hi Guys,


The 6D was just an example, but I hadn't thought about the euro. It makes sense now I think of it.


But how come so many stores price the equipment exactly the same down to the last euro/dollar or wathever. I would (in theory) expect more competion between the stores. It looks like Canon, Nikon and all the others dictate what the minimum price should be.




Stores are in competition with each other, but most will not want to lose money to gain numbers of sales. So if the trade price is a certain amount at a given time, most stores will sell somewhat above that to make some money. You might get one or two stores sell lower in the hopes of making money elsewhere for example.


If the UK if you look at price checking sites, you can see one site maybe go a fraction less than everyone else just to appear at the top of the listings. But usually availability and reputation of the retailer is more important than the tiny differences. Sometimes you might see one place much less than everyone else, but generally they never have stock. Strange that. Exceptions can happen, for example, if they're trying to clear an old model quickly.

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Question is, Reinier, do you want the stores go underneath the minimum price?  Rolleyes I don't think the manufacturers are dictating anything.




Nikon D750, Nikon price recommendation (Nikon store CH) 2278,- CHF, Available from 1575,- until 2692,-


Nikon 300/4 PF E, Nikon price recommendation (Nikon store CH) 2148,- CHF, Available from 1813,- until 2560,-


Nikon D4s, Nikon price recommendation (Nikon store CH) 7048,- CHF, Available from 4995,- until 6425,-

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