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A new Canon review tomorrow

Are you running sweepstakes? Smile

Let's see what's left out there to be reviewed... my chief suspect is 24-105 STM. However, there's a few other units that I wouldn't mind seeing reviewed: 100/2, 28-135 IS, Tokina 17-35 / 70-200, Tamron 15-30 / 70-200 VC, Sigma 12-24 non-II... Heck, even some crummy Samyang or outlandish Zeiss might suffice because reading reviews is fun in itself. Big Grin

When looking at your list, I can actually spot 3 lenses that will be covered within the next 2 weeks ;-)

3 out of 8 ain't half bad! I could name a few more just for fun. Big Grin The 15-30 is the one I'd be looking for most. Of course, there may also be APS-C retests of FF lenses, but I wasn't specifically thinking in that direction. Smile

What about Samsung 12-24?

It's a Canon review Klaus was talking about.

I know...

We jumped into the Samsung boat at the very beginning and saw essentially zero interest.

Given the current state of the industry, Samsung has to prove that they are serious about the game first.

Prior of that we'll not invest into this system anymore.

Sorry, will need another day to verify something.


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