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Forums > Back > 4* HR review coming ...
Big Grin

40-150f2.8 !

Quote:40-150f2.8 !

In the Canon section? I don't think so  Big Grin


4* rules out the Zeiss 2/135 and both Otus lenses as these would obviously be 5*... So my guess is either 100-400L II or 24-105 STM 
btw i read the uniform 'what's new' view so i never see which forum something has been posted; BUT we can still hope the 40-150f2.8 is decent (can't we?). Oh well by now we all know it ws the new ef 100-400 which probably made some folks happy given that the original 100-400 was lack luster.

Quote:BUT we can still hope the 40-150f2.8 is decent (can't we?)

Definitely. I actually had the chance to play with this lens a little (my father has a copy). Seems to be a pretty nice lens, somewhat big though  Smile

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