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PowerShot G1 X Mark III an interesting compact camera with a good sensor
Seems quite nice as a pcoket camera with an APS-C sensor it should be an excellent performer

Absolutely, I like this Canon. Just the price tag is quite steep - but that little thing is packed with cool stuff. Reminds me very much of the fun I had with G11, when it was the only camera I travelled with - delivering great quality and allowing absolutely all angles, even without using the LCD. I replaced my G11 with a G11, just because there's hardly a better compact around.


FL-range is a bit short for a $ 1200.- APS-C?


But then, it's small enough for a pocket

It is a tad smaller than the M5 + 15-45mm lens.

The main thing the Sony rival has against it is 4k video.

1/2000 sync speed on APS-C sensor and a 24-120mm lens sounds definitely interesting.

Quote:1/2000 sync speed on APS-C sensor and a 24-120mm lens sounds definitely interesting.

Well Canon did many times try new features on lower end cameras before implementing them on pro bodies, would we assume Canon mirrorless system will have lenses with leaf shutter, that would be a killer feature and a reason to launch a full new set of lenses

Honestly, I was expecting that from Fuji with their APS-C lineup. Just release a new set of leaf shutter lenses, wedding photographers would love it.
Fuji's priorities - as it appears to me - is more towards retro "classical look". What I like with this G-series: Just enough manual dials, at the right spots, with just enough settings. Clearly not overloaded yet performing well. More or less in this form factor would be too much or not enough


Of all the 24 MP Canons DPReview listed this one is the most attractive to me. The killer feature, with a huge distance to anything else, is the fully articulated screen. I can't count how often this thing gave me much more flexibility.

I don't think Fuji themselves exactly know what their priorities are, lately. They kinda sold out and have been trying to make their cameras more mass-consumer-friendly by adding an AUTO switch that turns everything to AUTO, C position on dial so you can go back to using them like a traditional DSLR with command dials, more video features, faster and larger lenses etc. Have to admit I liked them more when they were a more dedicated, niche system.

Quote:1/2000 sync speed on APS-C sensor and a 24-120mm lens sounds definitely interesting.
The camera has a 15-45mm f2.8-5.6 lens, that is equivalent to a FF 24-72mm f4.5-9 lens.

It indeed has a leaf shutter in the lens, giving it a real 1/2000th sync speed.
just read a rumor about a Fuji A5, also 24 MP and a lens like 16-50/3.5-5.6 (why not making it fix focus f/11  Rolleyes ?)


Probably it's only me, but "booooring" is just the prename... No EVF and Fujifilm just hasn't learnt the term full articulate LCD.


Okay, it's only a Fuji rumor, meaning, it can - but doesn't have to happen  :lol:


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