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Added samples images to Fujinon 23mm f/1.4 review
Sorry ... but these are straight JPEGs. Forgot to enable RAW at the time ...


Did you like this lens; also did you have any issues with it being decentered et all ? How would you compare it to the 18-55 (at same aperture - not so much test results but your actual usage) ?
The sample isn't perfectly centered but it doesn't get any better over at Fuji I guess.

I'd say that prime lenses have some more clarity (contrast) at comparable apertures - this is also true in this comparison.


FWIW, I will get the 56 this week (but I also have to the two tele zooms sitting on my desk ...).

Ok thanks for the comments. The 18-55 seems like a reasonable zoom if purchased as a kit; but the 23 and 56 light gathering also seem interesting. Hum. I guess it is a good sign that not only they are faster but have better rendering and clarity.


Interesting to see what you think of the 56 and 50-200 (I know the first 50-200 was problematic and vaguely I think you had issues with the second).

Well, got the X-T1 and 56mm f/1.2 today ;-)

Comments on the X-T1 ? I've not seen one yet; though I did play with an X-E2 at a shop.

Well, surprisingly small, fast AF, great VF. However, the grip feels a little cheapish (the same kind of "slimy" plastic also used by Panasonic - where's the good ol leathery feel gone ?).

I think they like to charge $100 for the 'leather' grips (leather quoted since it is usually made out of plastic Smile ). Did you have an XE-2 or XE-1; the new firmware release last week for the XE-2 supposedly added most of the featurs of the XT-1 'cept tracking and larger VF.

The tests were performed using a X-Pro1 and X-E1. The X-E1 will be substituted by the X-T1 - there shouldn't be any difference in output quality.


The optional grips - I had a look but wasn't that thrilled. 


FWIW, after having played with the X-T1 I have to say that the buttons are too difficult to press. Not a showstopper but an annoyance.

Why? Are the buttons recessed too much, or too stiff?


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