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Ideal lens for Nikon 1


New here, but not new to Photozone! My ideal lens for my V1 is the AF-S 70-300 VR, while for my D600 it is the new version of the AF-S 80-400 VR. Any plans to review the 70-300 on V1, or the 80-400 at all?!

I doubt that such a long lens will be tested on Nikon 1, because the distance needed (due to the used MFT targets) will be too big. 2.7 x 300mm = 810mm. The distance needed is about 51x the focal length, + room for tripod and operation. So that would be over 40 meters...

OK, just a pipedream then! Thanks for explaining the situation to me! But they have tested the 80-400, so the 70-300 could be tested in its wide end ;-)?!

Testing a zoom lens at only one focal length doesn't really make much sense, IMO.

I plan to review some more affordable FX and DX primes on the V1, but certainly not the zooms you mention, sorry.

-- Markus


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