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Forums > Back > A7R shutter vibration issue


I can confirm this.

Seems an issue on many mirrorless.  µFT forums and reviews are full of it.  Wondering why you never read about it for DSLRs?  In the film days I mostly read about it in connection with the Pentax 67.


I suddenly have a strong need for hand holding cameras in low light and enjoy my X20 (electronic first shutter and closing leaf shutter).  This works quite ok up to ISO 800.  Combined with the fixed fast lens (2.0 to 2.8) I get a better keeper rate in comparison to my µFT kit (first generation E-P1).


Clearly in good light images from the E-P1 are superior than the ones from the X20.  Obvious on A4 sized prints.


Based on that, I am wondering whether the GM1, with an electronic first shutter indicates the future for interchangeable lens cameras..  The downside of this one is the 1/50s sync speed.  Wait one or two generations and that might be improved on. 

I have the GM1 and GH3 and the electronic shutter is godsend. 


The A7R shutter is a magnitude more harsh than anything that I have experienced so far - except for the A850/A900.

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