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New Nikon stuff ...
Some new work for Markus ...


Nikon D3300 (no AA filter!)


Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8G ED


Nikkor AF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G DX VR II (hmmmh ... retractable ...)

And the coming Nikon D4s.....


Given the existence of the sigma 35mm F1.4, I doubt how many people will be interested in the new Nikon 35mm f1.8.

Well, the Sigma is not everyone's cup of tea. The 35mm f1.8 is a smaller and less heavy. But, the MTF does not seem too impressive... And no IS like the Canon counterpart... 

The point reproduction blurb seems to indicate they tried to do the same as with the 58mm f1.4, which then would explain similar corner performance. But the Canon has 1 aspherical element too, in the same position.


Not sure about this one, maybe it has nice-ish bokeh like the Canon.

Yes, maybe the bokeh can make it stand out. Let us hope.

The other issue is Nikon's anti anything non-Nikon. IMHO it's a bad move but they seem to be doing the same thing with batteries, lenses etc. Shame Nikon! The wider and bigger the flock, the easier for the species to survive. 


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