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Reasons why despite having excellent products Nikon is losing market share
Quote:Here it's about 5700.-


800 more and I get a Fuji GFX 50S - action photos are rare for me.

Let me know if you're interested in the GFX 50S Wink. I know where you can find one with a good price.
No, but thank you very much. I think I will be happy enough with 3MP less in a Nikon body. And guess, who's going to get his copy today?  Big Grin Although I blurbed about not being the first (I'm not, half of the photographic world is hammering out reviews about each little button of the D850) and the RAW converter is ready for this jump.


Menu and ergonomics, miessed features, also the haptic of the Fuji set me off. I felt it a rather cheapo MF. Compared to a Phase One tank, most cameras feel cheapo  :mellow:


I just compared the steep price of the Sony A9 to the (geoemtrically) bigger sensor of the Fuji. Lenses as well are not that much more expensive for the Fuji, whe  I just compare them to the G-series. And - if I wanted to burn that load of dosh - I'd really prefer the MF look.

Fine, but know that you just missed a brand new 50S for 5200$, that was also probably eligible for tax free, which would've made it cost what? 4500$? 


The lens selection of GFX is not quite there for me though. Even though the sensor is looking quite handsome, I don't really think it's that much of a deal over 35mm FF. And the lenses are simply not there. While Sony G and G-Master series lenses are not cheap neither, there are many reasonably priced options in Sonyverse still. Namely, ZA 55/1.8, Batis 25/2, 16-35/4, 12-24/4 and a few others. Add in the new 100-400 too and GFX system can't touch any of those focal lengths, except for the standard lens.


And Nikonverse, naturally, isn't behind Sony neither. Either are more capable than GFX in many, many cases right now. Especially with the D850 and A9/A7RII.

I tried the GFX 50S briefly. It's a bit of a blown up X-T2, with a very nice tilt/swivel option EVF. Besides of that it has a lot of X-T2's less well done features, but at least the front dial has more purpose as the lenses provide A and also C position.


Besides, I love to miss the "save x%" occassions. Just knowing, every time I miss one of them, I save 100% by just not buying  :lol:


Somehow I don't think the GFX system is aiming for the same range of FL like 35mm type (FF) cameras do, especially zooms would be super heavy (if any good at all), supersize. In MF land, primes still rule.

Yeah, and even the primes still lack Wink. I know the system is not even one year old but still, I need those primes now. 

I think, Fuji just went a bit far: 2 systems, for both there's a "lens roadmap" which reminds me about my sometimes lucky hits when I drive after a roadmap. That roadmap has more gaps than a Russian street potholes (sorry Rover), Kaizen firmware, additional apps (is there already something to tether the GFX 50S on a Mac?) and then these users like me complaing about every crap.


Thery are busy, the Fuji engineers, but they are not enough, I'm afraid.

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