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"in spec" lenses
Very informative article from Roger Cicala about "in spec" lenses:


I loved the part about the chief of optical testing! 

In my Pentax days, I remember having sent a Pentax DA* 16-50 back and it came back exactly the same, nothing had changed.

It's a shame manufacturers don't take it a bit more seriously. The lack of good QC in the first place doesn't help either.

It looks the new Sigma direction is trying to change a little all of this. Let's hope others will follow.


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I think Tamron has introduced something like a one-week turnaround time in the US.

Sounds also promising.


But seeing is believing and the US is not the rest of the world ... 

I'm a bit confused, 2 threads with the same topic?

Thxbb12, the Pentax experience in Switzerland sounds very familiar to me, too. Pentax service became a one-man show in CH. But bad communications is also a Nikon topic, too. There are as well other manufacturers not taking advantage of internet. It might be complicated to set up an automatic message service "lens arrived/repaired/cleant" for the service center, but then you see them in Facebook or Twitter...

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