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Yashica preparing something


My expectations are quite low

Not quite sure what can that be. A ML camera? (I know... lame pun on my part)

I'd be happy even if they just reissue some of their older cameras. I hope this is not another point and shoot compact digital or phone accessory but my money is on the second.


Best thing to come out of this would be something like a Fuji X100.

Eh, I'll say my prediction was almost spot on. I wrote


-Hopefully not another point and shoot compact digital

-Hopefully not a phone accessory

-Best thing would be something like a Fuji X100


And a Korean startup just announced (by using the name Yashica):


-A digital point and shoot with a phone sensor that looks ilke a Fuji X100!


[Image: 22aba7e363dbe356f5aada7a35bd89ef_origina...a2ca70247b]


Yes it also looks like a reissue of their older rangefinders but I had predicted that too! Smile


[Image: 9a874d5f70e8e9948501cf44417d5eac_origina...e8d7a1ba43]


What's that? digiFILM




I mean WOW.


They've gone out and did a digital film that fits into your film camera and turns your film camera into digital?




[Image: 4aee1ffdec04aa7c4a6ab34dd0d30427_origina...d2d59e7d39]


That little cartridge you see is essentially your shooting settings. They sell a few of them. You put them into your camera (by opening the rear film door hahahahhahah) and your camera will shoot with the settings loaded into that cartridge JUST LIKE FILM.


Oh apart from that, here are the key specifications:


-1/3.2" sensor. (So, this is essentially a cell phone camera with no cell phone attached to it)

-14 Megapixels (You've probably given up reading the specs after the previous line)

-35mm equivalent lens with f/2.8 aperture (That's the only aperture, it's fixed)

-Focuses down to 1 meter. (Made the previous one in bold so people would keep on reading)

-5 selectable shutter speeds (1s, 1/30, 1/60, 1/250, 1/500) (Why no 1/125? I love that speed)

-Tripod mount bitchez

-Works with 2x AA batteries

-SD card


I don't think it has a focusing rangefinder or even metering. And there are no LCDs or anything so you'll know if you've screwed up the metering after you get your images back from the lab transfer them to a modern electronic device.



At release they have various digiFILM models:


[Image: 2f5fc3f48bce56746ffa1c1eba9da57e_origina...de2bfb872d]



-High contrast

-This should be hilarous because 1/cellphone sensor

-Press release says for shooting fast-moving objects. Except when you want to use 1/125. Because you can't.

-Capture true color even in low light condition (Eat that, Phase One)


[Image: c2c20d187f650c29971b75c78dc05274_origina...cf33a695ce]




-Film grain effect. As if the normal grain from that sensor wouldn't be enough.

-I'm highly expecting them to release different versions of this with Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange contrast filters. I mean White Balance settings.


[Image: aea50f3c696a2de9891cfb730ad43e21_origina...05881df77d]


ISO200 Ultra Fine

-That tiny cell phone sensor in all its base ISO glory

-Says standard color balance so it's either AutoISO or fixed daylight

Saved the best for the last.


[Image: 592c3b782aa68fd9c688322fadce9620_origina...1fd79cf1fa]


120 Format 6x6


-Sqare format photographs

-Fits for instagram

-Seriously, it says that.

-Except for the laughter effect. Says ISO200 instead but who cares?



Prices range from 124$ to 328$, depending on how much of a fan you are. If you miss the early bird packages, the camera with all 4 digicraps will cost 171$. That 328$ packace grants you the camera encased in geniune leather & geniune leather strap. Don't think of a nice leather half case though. You just get leather on camera surface instead of leatherette.


[Image: 4f7a315b1ca0f5dbb13adecec3fba580_origina...03513120fe]


Oh boy.


Here is their kickstarter link, if you're still interested.
Sad to hear Yashica is going that way, releasing a worthless camera except the name Yashica written on it

A name is just a brand these days. There are dozen of examples where some company bought a once famous name and is now selling crap or soemthing close to crap. Yashica was already Kyocera as Contax/Zeiss first became Yashica, then Kyocera. Same for Rollei. Only newbies fall for this old names....

On a sidenote, Minolta xi series had small cards with different shooting modes (some of them quite silly, some of them quite amazing) and if I remember correctly, Leica had a compact digital camera that had a film winder that you had to use before shooting. You could disable that feature though.


Leica R8 and R9 are also film cameras with optional digital backs and they both have a lever for winding the film. Not needed with digital.


And again, Minolta 9000 also had such a lever, which makes it the only autofocusing film camera with manual film advance. It also had a digital back. In 1987. 


Then came this little Yashica...

Uh, what? I'd have some of what they were smoking when they devised that... not.


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