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Nikon D5300

Copying Canon's 70D without touchscreen and a similar good AF doesn't set my purse in panic mode. If Nikon can't do better, I'll stick with the models I have. But if I was still thinking about getting a D7100 or not, this would change that decision very much for me. So, as upgrader from D7000, today I would have a very close look to that one.
Well, remember the D5300 does not have a built-in AF motor, so you'll be limited to AF-S lenses (if you want to use AF). In addition, the D7100 already features a rather small body, the lower models an even smaller one... too small for my taste.

-- Markus

The D7100 is sucking batteries of the battery grip empty in no time, it is not much faster in terms of exposure rate and buffer size and the D5300 does have a swivel screen. I'm hooked to that feature since I've used a Sony DSC 515, after that I always had at least one body with the possibility of turning the screen.


Canon does even better by giving the user a touchscreen - Nikon, listening? of course, no, because that wouldn't be Nikon - AND wifi which is not only for exporting pictures to facebookflickrandwhatever, but also to use it as a remote CONTROL which deserves that word. So, I'd like to add: "If I were looking for a new DSLR and having no lenses so far, these days Nikon would exclude itself from the short list". But a lot of Nikon glass and lenses stick, while bodies come and go...


I'm also fan of AF-S for the silence of those motors. I have not a single lens which needs the camera motor to focus and if I had, it would be very probably fully manual. Shift or Zeiss don't benefit of AF.


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