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preview: Fujinon 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 OIS
Unfortunately not all things are cool - my sample has a centering defect ... again.


Sad. Why is the Fuji QC is so problematic?


Lenstip's test of the XF 18-55mm shows that the border is not good at 18mm, not sure due to centering defect or simply sample variance.

Quote:Unfortunately not all things are cool - my sample has a centering defect ... again.

Are these X-E1 out-of-camera-jpeg?



Quote:Are these X-E1 out-of-camera-jpeg?




Partially. I will try to get all RAWed for the final review.

Thus I will do the test with this sample. At least I will try.

I have had no trouble with the 55-200.....but as I have read in other places if I barely bump, and I mean barely, my 60mm the front housing snaps out of place and the exposes the interior of the lens somewhat.  So far it has happened twice, but I haven't seen any real damage from it.  It is terribly unnerving though.  As for the decentering issue, this concerns me.  So far all of my lenses seem to be close, I hope I am testing them correctly.

Honestly, Fuji needs to do something about the situation. Urgently.

It feels as if they are overwhelmed by the demand and forgot to care about quality control during hastily ramped up factories.

Pentax had the same problems at the time they started their new factory.


If I had the choice I would avoid those OIS lenses like pest at the moment. This is currently just as bad as Sony with their OSS lenses. It just can't be that they sell premium-priced lenses with all these problems.

As much as I like Fuji basic concept, they are overstretching my nerves lately.


As far as image stabilized lenses are concerned, I'd only trust Nikon and Canon, possibly Sigma now (with their latest designs). And it took them also years till the quality stabilized. 
Klaus, what about Panasonic OIS lenses?

Any subjective impression about their quality control?


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There are some reports of strange behavior of Panasonic OIS lenses for some shutter speeds (around 1/160s if I remember correctly). But that may not be related to QC - could be an inherent design flaw in some lenses.

Tamron also makes stabilized lenses and it should be quite reliable considering the mass of tamron lenses on the market and the absence of complaints.

What I am wondering about: if you return a lens with an obvious centering defect, how can it be that the sample you get in return is still flawed? One would think that this sample is tested before being sent out...
Quote:Klaus, what about Panasonic OIS lenses?

Any subjective impression about their quality control?

Due to the lack of statistical relevance, this is, of course, all subjective as you mentioned.

That being said ...


1. Canon

2. Nikon

3. Sigma

4. Panasonic

(5. Tamron - too hard to tell at this stage really)

6. Fuji

7. Sony
I just purchased a XT 1 with the kit lens and a 55-200mm. I have shot about 600 images with the 55-200. It seems to be sharp at f5.6, nothing to knock your socks off, but very good. The camera handles well, once you get use to all the crazy things the ELF does. I bought it because I shoot with a Nikon D7200 and D600 with a Nikon 70-20 f2.8 VR II. The Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR II is one of the sharpest zooms I've ever owned along with the Canon 70-200 F4, but carrying that combo around all day is a drag. The XT 1 and a 55-200mm weighs in at a bit over 2 lb. and is small and very quiet. It misses focus more often then the Nikons and the color rendition is not as pleasing, but as an all day camera I'm fairly happy with it. I think mirrorless has a way to go, but the XT 1 is a very good effort. 


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